Autism Acceptance Poetry Month Masterlist

April is, as I’m sure you’ve been told repeatedly since February, Autism Awareness/Acceptance/Appreciation Month. What you may not know is that April is also National Poetry Month. So this April, I’m going to spread Autism…all the things….through poetry.  I’ll link the poems below as I write them. Day 1: Unhappy Hands Day 2: I Know… Continue reading Autism Acceptance Poetry Month Masterlist

#TakeTheMaskOff Masterpost

Several really awesome advocates in the autistic community have come up with a content creation challenge centering around the hashtag #TakeTheMaskOff. The content that is created during the challenge will (hopefully) better explain what the “Mask” is and why we seek to “Take It Off” (and why we’re wearing it in the first place), but,… Continue reading #TakeTheMaskOff Masterpost

Autistic Acceptance Month Day 1: Intro and Article List

Someone posted this ausome list of post/blog topics for Autistic Acceptance Month (which starts today!) on a Facebook Group that I’m in: Autistic Acceptance Month 20 Days of Acceptance And Appreciation Day 1: Intro Post [a.k.a. the post you’re looking at now] Day 2: What I Love About Being Autistic Is… Day 3: My Diagnosis… Continue reading Autistic Acceptance Month Day 1: Intro and Article List

Resources For Floods, Hurricanes, and Natural Disasters

If you are in Texas and are in need of immediate rescue: “The National Guard is being deployed to our Texas area. If you find yourself in a state of emergency. Call (281) 558-1742. ” Keep tabs on the most recent happenings with Hurricane Harvey and the rescue/recovery efforts currently happening with that with the… Continue reading Resources For Floods, Hurricanes, and Natural Disasters

AAM Poem #4: Ode To The “Autism Dads”

You With the stern eyes, tightened lips, Hands always working on one thing or the next Maybe you’re the breadwinner Spending long hours at the office Or in the field Or wherever your strengths and talents may take you; Maybe you’re overseas in a uniform Or on a plane to meet an executive Or in… Continue reading AAM Poem #4: Ode To The “Autism Dads”

AAM Poem #2: I Know An Autistic Woman

I know an autistic woman who spoke in a tongue all her own until she was almost five, Who spent almost all of elementary school bounced between speech therapists and speech pathologists Whose tongue never sits quite right in her mouth and whose misaligned teeth press and slant the words as they come out Who… Continue reading AAM Poem #2: I Know An Autistic Woman

AAM Poem #1: Unhappy Hands

Clenched fists Flailing wrists Nails dug into fingertips Lip bit Tongue click Knuckles find the bone and hit Hips sway Eyes squeezed Tightened muscles won’t release Palms slammed tightly over ears Darting eyes betray my fears Fears, frustration, anger shows And shows more ever as it grows And then you stare, and then you pout… Continue reading AAM Poem #1: Unhappy Hands