Resources For Floods, Hurricanes, and Natural Disasters

If you are in Texas and are in need of immediate rescue: “The National Guard is being deployed to our Texas area. If you find yourself in a state of emergency. Call (281) 558-1742. ” Keep tabs on the most recent happenings with Hurricane Harvey and the rescue/recovery efforts currently happening with that with the… Continue reading Resources For Floods, Hurricanes, and Natural Disasters

Forgiving Yourself For Not Being The Person You Wanted Yourself To Be

There’s beauty in me yet. Not because of what I’ve done, what I plan to do, or what I’m actually capable of doing, but because of what I am; a person, a human, a member of the human community. There’s beauty in you yet, too, as the human being that you are. Please don’t give up finding it and celebrating it.

On Being A “Real Adult”

I think what this post boils down to is what 99% of my writing boils down to; respect people.  Respect people who live in different household arrangements than you do. Respect people who require different levels of support than you do. Respect people who #adult differently than you do. Respect people. Believe in what they can be with those supports, but respect where they are right now. Don’t purposely make others feel inferior or unworthy. 

And that includes yourself. 

Most of all yourself. 

Your existence is valid, whatever that existence may look like. 

You are valid as the person–as the adult–you are, no matter what skills you do or don’t have and how self-sufficient you are or aren’t. 

Some Thoughts On Healthcare in the US

At the moment, I’m luckier than most people expressing their thoughts on this topic. I’m not currently taking any medication (with the exception of the occasional Aleeve for menstrual cramps). Though my quality of life would probably improve if I were to try anti-anxiety medication and found one that worked for me, I will be… Continue reading Some Thoughts On Healthcare in the US