PecanlyDesigns ; A New Venture In Idea-sharing

Inspired in part by the amazing work at AutTees and in part by the mountain of advertisements of all sorts that pop up on my newsfeed (everyone’s in the business of selling something these days, it seems), I’ve decided to venture into making (and selling) designs on

Meet PecanlyDesigns.


The designs in my shop are shown on t-shirts, but Zazzle also allows you to print those designs on mugs, mousepads, handbags, and more!

Now, graphic design isn’t exactly my strongest suit, and it’s not exactly “cute” that I’m going for (although if you do find any of my work “cute”, I certainly am not offended 🙂 ). What few designs (I keep saying “designs”, but it’s almost entirely just text with fancy open source Google Fonts) I have at present tend towards the sassy, if not outright cynical, because, well, that seems to be what’s in flavor nowadays.

But I ultimately intend to have a variety of designs about a variety of topics.

Not everything in my shop is or will be autism or neurodiversity related, but some of it is.

My “About” section for the shop reads like this:

““Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Welcome to my shop of tries. Each shirt is an attempt to make you think, to make you smile, laugh, even, to make you reflect, and to make a little room in your mind for the celebration of the eccentric.

Thank you for your time. I hope there’s something here for you. 🙂 “

This is ultimately what this is about. I mean, yes, it would be wonderful if I sold enough to have some additional pocket change (I *knock on wood, praise the Deity(ies)* finally have a “real job” as of very recently, but the extra boost wouldn’t hurt), but what I’m really after is the firing of those neurons and the feeling, the thinking, of something, ideally that very “celebration of the eccentric.”

Because we could all use a bit more celebration. Even if it’s very snarky celebration.

So, yeah, I would be honored and grateful if you were to give PecanlyDesigns a look.

Thank you.


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