Autistic Acceptance Month Day 29: Famous/Talented Autistics

There is a lot of talent on the autism spectrum. Many autistic people are talented in sciences or maths, though there are also many autistic people who are talented in the arts, in writing, in performance, in sports, and in just about every else a person can be talented in.

Before I boast about some of this talent, let me say that you’re not doing poorly if you’re not famous or if you’re not particularly talented in anything. It’s fun to marvel at the very successful, but please don’t let the existence of successful autistics get you down — even if you’re struggling, not-financially-well-off, too exhausted or burned out to do much of anything “productive”, you still have value, and you are still an awesome and amazing person!

Also note that there are plenty of very talented and high-profile autistics that aren’t on the list below. There are plenty of talented autistic people who don’t currently have articles or videos about them, and there might be some famous people that are autistic that I don’t know are autistic (I have my suspicions about a few, but this isn’t going to be a speculative piece).


Autistic Athletes: 

Clay Marzo: Surfer
John Howard: MMA (UFC) Fighter
Conor Gross: MMA Fighter
Serena DeJesus: MMA Fighter
Djamil Chan: MMA (Bellator) Fighter
Phillip Martin-Nielson: Dancer
Charles Cobbert: Swimmer
Naseem Stowell: Boxer

Autistic Artists:

Sanni  “Moe” Rosenberg: Drawing
Stephen Wiltshire: Landscape/Cityscape Drawing
Iris Grace: Painting
Jonas Lundstrom: Painting/Drawing and Poetry
Henriett Seth F: Art/Music/Poet
Also check out the Art Of Autism for more autistic artists!

Autistic Musicians:

Susan Boyle: Singer
Dan Bull: Rapper
Aleksander Vinter (Savant): Electronicnia/EDM/Instrumental Music
James Durbin: Singer
Chi Ling Wu: Pianist / Instrumentalist
Stephanie Hoeckley: Flutist
Derek Paravinic: Pianist
Travis Meeks: Singer/Guitarist
Pip Brown (Ladyhawke): Singer

-Maybe Eminem? (He has a lyric that says “Ever heard of Asperger’s?” in his song “Wicked Ways“, and several of his other songs, as well as some interviews, point to feeling socially awkward, “shy”, as well as an intense (“special”) interest in poetry and precocious speech (full sentences by age two)). I know that I said that this wouldn’t be a speculative piece, but it’s interesting to think that one of the most successful rappers of all time might be one of us.

Autistic Actors/Actresses:

Daryl Hannah
Dan Harmon (also co-creator of Community and Rick and Morty)
Dan Aykroyd
Lizzy Clark
Courtney Love
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
Paddy Considine

Autistic Models: 

Heather Kuzmich
Lonlon Lonbon (London Edwards) 
Melissa Koole
R.J. Pete

Autistic Scientists/Mathematicians:

-Dr. Temple Grandin (Animal Sciences)
Jake Barnett (Physics/Mathematics)
David Navara (Chess Master)

-There are a lot of scientists post-humously speculated to have autism. Albert Einstein. Issac Newton. Alan Turning. John Nash. Hans Asperger himself. We can make speculations based off of their behavior and off of what others have spoken about them, but it’s hard to say if any of these people actually were autistic because you can’t clinically diagnose a dead person, nor can a dead person comment on whether or not a term created after their deaths applies to them.

Dang, it’s hard not to make speculations in a post about famed autistics!

Autistic Advocates (there are plenty of Autistic Advocates, way too many to list here, but some have managed to become high-profile) :

Ari Ne’eman
Mel Baggs
Carly Fleischmann
John Elder Robinson
Alex Plank
Lydia X. Z. Brown
Cynthia Kim
Amethyst Schaber
Julia Bascom
-Here, have a list of 50 Autistic People You Should Know 


So, yeah, there’s a lot of autistic people doing some pretty kick-ass things out there, way more than I have the time, resources, or spoons to sit here and list in this post.

There are also of autistic people who aren’t celebrities, high-performers, extremely talented, outspoken advocates, or anything that the mainstream would consider “exceptional” who are still really awesome people that are totally worth knowing and celebrating.

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