#TakeTheMaskOff Masterpost

Several really awesome advocates in the autistic community have come up with a content creation challenge centering around the hashtag #TakeTheMaskOff. The content that is created during the challenge will (hopefully) better explain what the “Mask” is and why we seek to “Take It Off” (and why we’re wearing it in the first place), but, to put it simply:

Mask / Masking: Hiding autistic behavior/traits, or attempting to make those behaviors/traits less apparent.  Attempting to appear “neurotypical” (or at least not consciously autistic/neurodivergent).

Unmasking / Taking The Mask Off: “Dropping the act.” Letting those autistic behaviors/traits be seen (or at least expressed).

To be absolutely clear, though, #TakeTheMaskOff is about so much more than these six weeks. In fact, there is already a lot of really awesome content out there under that hashtag, and there will probably be a lot of content under this hashtag long after September 10th. What is hoped is that this starts a movement.

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[Image description: A sea-green infographic with black borders. Most of the text is in black, with the Weeks and the Theme of each week in white text. There are photos of the four main contributors (The Autistic Advocate / Neurodivergent Rebel / Agony Autie / Do I Look Autistic) underneath their names at the bottom of the post. The text reads (Note: The “My Posts/Content I Like” sections and the links to the Facebook and Twitter of the contributors are my own): ]



Join in with 6 weeks of Blogs, Vlogs, Videos, Interviews, personal experiences, on and offline content on all Social Media platforms covering the topics below.

You decide if you’re going to fully take part, or dip in and out — but the most important thing is helping to teach those who don’t understand about Masking and why it’s important to have Acceptance so that Autistic people can #TakeTheMaskOff .

Week 1: 23 – 29 July: What is Masking? What it’s like to wear the Mask.

[My Post: Week 1: What Is Masking?]
[Content I Like:
Masking: I am not okay – The Autistic Advocate
My Mask – Resilient Chameleon
Time To Take The Mask Off – Neurodivergent Rebel]

Week 2: 30 July – 5 August : What is Stimming? How is it related to Masking?

[My Post: Week 2: Unstillness In An Unstill World]
[Content I Like:
#TakeTheMaskOff (Music Video) – A Spectrum Of Possibilities
#TakeTheMaskOff Week 2 – Adriana L. White
Stimming, It’s Not A Dirty Word– Resilient Chameleon]

Week 3: 6-12 August: How does Masking affect Mental Health?

[My Post: Week 3: Step Out Of The Lava (Mental Health and Masking)]
[Content I Like:
Self Help; Because “No one else is going to help you” – Resilient Chameleon
The dark side of the spectrum (or camouflaging is a deadly business) – queerlittleheart]

Week 4: 13-19 August: What is Burnout? How is it connected to Masking?

[My Post: Week 4: A Balancing Act At Which I Constantly Fumble: Burnout And Masking]
[Content I Like
Nowhere Safe: The Autistic Burnout That Changed Everything – Resilient Chameleon]

Week 5: 20-26 August: Diagnosis/Self-Awareness. How does that impact Masking?

[My Post: Week 5: Diagnosis And Masking: The Relationship Between Weird And Autistic]
[Content I Like:
The Nature Of Knowing – Resilient Chameleon]

Week 6: 27 August- 2 September: Coping Strategies. What can help you not to Mask. Using it purposefully?

[My Post: Week 6: Coping (Or Merely Surviving) and Masking ]
[Content I Like:
#TakeTheMaskOff Week 6: The Impact of Taking the Mask Off – Neurodivergent Rebel
Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Autistic Masking – Resilient Chameleon
#TakeTheMaskOff: Autism at work – The Autistic Advocate]

Week 7 (The Finale): 3-10 September: #TakeOffTheMask. How people have been affected by the event.

[My Post: #TakeTheMaskOff Impact And Thoughts]
[Content I Like:
The Aspergirl Reflects: Lessons Learned from the #TaketheMaskOff Challenge -The Asian Aspergirl / The Caffeinated Kat
An Autistic Invalidation – The Autistic Advocate
First, Do No Harm – Glitter Resist (not strictly related to the Take The Mask Off movement, but it does cover masking in regards to seeking healthcare)]

Okay, I like ALL of the content. Don’t limit your reading to the very, very, VERY small sample I have shared here. Keep your eyes (or screenreaders or other adaptive devices), minds, and hearts open.

For more information on Facebook or Twitter visit:

The Autistic Advocate
[Facebook] [Twitter]

Neurodivergent Rebel

Agony Autie

Do I Look Autistic Yet?

As the poster says, feel free to contribute as much or as little as you can and/or want to. If you do make content related to this movement, you don’t have to post every week (or even do it on a weekly schedule at all) or on every topic. Participate however feels right for you, whatever that looks like.


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